From the perspective of Flávio Sadalla, art director at Studio Sadalla, with the collaboration of nature documentary photographer, Cristian Dimitrius, on an eight-day expedition through the southern Amazon, the cultural manifesto “Amazônia por um fio” emerged. This record continues the internationally recognized Neon Mural Art project. Composed of a series of seven photographs printed and framed by Mercado da Imagem, the exhibition exposes the counterpoint between the fragility and the strength of one of the greatest natural resources in the world through the intervention of neon. “It is a creation that makes us reflect on the preservation of nature. We see the Amazon as a treasure, but we treat it less importantly. It is necessary to rethink our positions and actions”, explains the author, who immersed himself in the forest at the invitation of Raquel Zanchet, owner of Jardim da Amazônia Eco Lodge, an ecological inn that strives for environmental preservation.